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Long Exposure Photography Workshops

Long exposure shot of the beach huts near Osea Island, Essex

I run short coastal photography workshops mainly exploring long exposures using Neutral Density (ND) filters, achieving exposures of several seconds in bright light.

Workshop Checklist
  • Maximum of 6 or 10 participants (location dependant).

  • 2.5 hours of photography.

  • Group and individual tuition.

  • Variety of shots from iconic locations.

  • Two different locations.

  • Just £35 per person.

We meet for orientation and a brief introduction, discussing what we will cover during the workshops, which are 100% practical photography. We are concentrating on long exposures using ND filters to achieve these, but there are lots of other possible images to be made. We finish 2.5 hours later.

Throughout the workshops I am on hand to advise how best to set your camera up, discussing angles to shoot from, composition ideas, and anything else you need help with. I will also advise on the best ways of calculating the best exposure when using the filters.

The old lighthouse at Dovercourt, Essex.

These workshops are limited to a maximum of six participants at Osea, and 10 participants at Dovercourt where we have more room, so everyone has plenty of 1-2-1 time with me, and as usual I don't race off at the end, so if you wish to stay on to chat or discuss any part of the day that isn't a problem at all.

Any type of camera is suitable for these workshops, as long as it has some way to attach filters, and can allow a longer exposure. Lenses from a wideangle to telephoto can all be used, and as we're not moving about much during te workshop it shouldn't be too much of a hardship to bring a selection. A tripod is really essential for these workshops.

Upcoming dates are shown below, you can book using the form below those.

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I also offer private photography tuition, so that you can receive my undivided attention all year round.

Please see the different workshops available below:

Osea Beach Huts

These beach huts near Heybridge Basin are a real draw for landscape photographers, and are often seen in competitions and on social media. Set on stilts on the beach, when the tide is high, they're surrounded by water, and a long exposure image works really well to give a slightly surreal look to the scene.

We start the workshop as the tide is rising, but with plenty of the beach still exposed, allowing us to shoot from lower down, and broaden the variety of images we can create. We then continue to shoot until a little past high tide, to give us a full range of photos with maximum watery coverage!

Dovercourt Lighthouses

At Dovercourt beach, there are two old lighthouses, one right by the sea wall, the other over 150 metres offshore. Neither are your typical lighthouse, both have iron legs, and weatherboarded hexagonal or octagonal structures, with the further one looking like some kind of steampunk rocket.

The tide will already be quite high when we start, so we can crack on with long exposures of the further lighthouse, but explore the range of compositions this site offers. As the session progresses, the sun will be setting, and if we're lucky, we'll benefit from the golden hour lighting.

Forthcoming Workshops

I am running the following Long Exposure Photography Workshops:

Monday 12th September 2022
- Osea Beach Huts
- 12.15pm-2.45pm 6 Spaces

Sunday 2nd October 2022
- Dovercourt Lighthouses
- 4.00pm-6.30pm 9 Spaces

Monday 31st October 2022
- Dovercourt Lighthouses
- 2.00pm-4.30pm 10 Spaces

To book onto these workshops, please use the form below, selecting the date required, and entering the participant's name and contact number.

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