Dan's Ten Top Tips Photography Talk

A selction of images from Daniel's Ten Top Tips photography talk

Daniel's Ten Top Tips photography talk runs through a variety of tips that can improve anyone's photography, from basic technical aspects, to composition, and subjects. The talk is ideal for any camera club, as well as WI's and U3A groups, for people of any ability.

Talk Checklist
  • Suitable for all abilities.

  • Ideal for Cameras Clubs, WI, and U3A groups.

  • A range of tips and ideas.

  • Interactive and enjoyable.

  • Available any day of the week.

  • In-person or online.

  • Just £70 + travel at 45p/mile.

Written when I received a request to return to a camera club for the third time, this talk highlights ten tips that I feel will improve anyone's photography.

This is an interactive talk, I encourage questions and comments, which works well at camera clubs as it sparks discussion, rather than simply being a slideshow.

Ideal for camera clubs, nature groups, WI and U3A groups, this talk has the aim to improve the audience's knowledge and enjoyment of photography.

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