Online Photography Tuition

Daniel Bridge provide online photography tuition via Zoom and Skype

I am able to provide online photography tuition on a 1-2-1 basis, using Zoom and Skype for an interactive session dealing with many aspects of photography, from the basic controls of the camera, to software, and more general photography discussions. Often these are a 'pick your brains' type of session, with a broad range of topics covered.

Online Photography Tuition Checklist
  • Most aspects of photography covered.

  • Any length of session from 1 hour upwards.

  • Individual or small group tuition.

  • Very flexible scheduling.

  • Just £30 per hour for a 1-2-1 session.

Prompted by the Covid-19 crisis, and the restrictions on movement as a result, I have started online private tuition sessions. These can be wide-ranging, and tailored to the customer during the interactive session.

Available to anyone no matter what their location, the online tuition sessions, the online sessions can be any length, from one hour upwards, and cost just £30 per hour. They can be booked for any time of day, any day of the week.

Screen sharing allows us to effectively discuss photography software, and I can easily demonstrate how and why I process images the way I do. We can also cover the controls of your camera, improving your understanding of apertures, shutter speeds, ISOs, exposure modes, exposure compensation, white balance, and focusing, as well as any other more in-depth areas of your camera you might want to explore.

However, these sessions are also ideally suited to a more free-flowing, photography discussion, emcompassing a wide range of subjects, where you can pick my brains on anything your wish to cover.

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