Daniel Bridge - Testimonials

I am always very grateful to receive good feedback from workshop participants, private clients and other customers. This feedback comes to me through a variety of avenues, either directly by email, through my Trustpilot page, or through my Facebook page (there's a 'reviews' tab on there).

Below are just some of the messages of thanks and support that makes what I do so personally fulfilling for me. I provide photography tuition as a service, and yes it's how I earn my living, but I wouldn't do it if I didn't find it so rewarding, and it's messages like these that encourages me to keep doing it!

"Had private tuition learning the basics. Daniel spent a long time explaining how best I could use my camera which has given me a much better knowledge of how my camera works.

I have spent two workshops with Daniel, Beyond the Basics and Macro. Once again both were very interesting with detailed explanations and then outside to put things into practice. He was very patient with each of us spending time to assist with the photography on a one-to-one basis. The two workshop courses were very full days with plenty packed into them." Margaret W.

"Before this course I had read up books on the basics of Photography which went in too much detail and sometimes confusing, Daniel put all the basics into an easy and understandable level, I feel I have lot better understanding of Photography." Steve M.

"I was very satisfied with the Macro Photography workshop because I have always wanted to photograph living things in macro with little success. The workshop has given me valuable information on equipment and the correct camera settings to get the best images. I also learned tips on taking the photographs and am very pleased with the macro images I took on the day." Marion S.

"The day was very informative in a practical manner that catered for a complete novice like myself and inspired confidence without intimidation." Dennis T.

"I have a real enthusiasm for photography and up until recently have been using a compact digital camera and post processing images in Photoshop to give me the image I want. I found that after time I was getting increasingly frustrated with various features on my compact, so decided to take the plunge into the world of the DSLR. I have a Nikon D5100 which I love and finally have the confidence to take it of 'Auto'! The Workshop really helped me understand the different settings available to me and ultimately the impact it would make on my Photographs. I thought the Workshop was well delivered, informative and informal enough to be able to ask questions relative to your own Photography, overall I thought it was great value for money. Thank-you." Keri P.

"Daniel came across as relaxed, despite a technical issue and a small child being very vocal outside, and very knowledgeable. Everyone got plenty of one-to-one time, and every question asked was answered." Anthony T.

"A very informative, and enjoyable session. Daniel explained a very in depth subject in very easy to understand way, and he was more than willing to take on any questions or queries. Looking forward to continuing using my camera in it's 'new found modes' - Many Thanks!" Nick S.

"Full of information that was explained very well and made complete sense when put into practice afterwards. Plenty of one to one time. Had the answers to all questions." Carolyn H.

"I have never moved my camera from the green. Your clear and very easy to understand instructions and tuition gave be the confidence to have a go. Which I did and am very pleased. I now have an understanding about aperture, depth of field, shutter speed and ISO. I will certainly be signing up for the another workshop in the near future. Many thanks." Loraine B.

"It was raining and cold but I still came away with great close up shoots and an understanding of the various basic elements and functions of the camera. I now feel confident to alter the settings and experiment. Great day thank you." Gillian W.

"I was very surprised how easy and simple it was to move off the auto button. Daniel explains everything in terms that make you comfortable to ask questions and not feel silly for asking them." Neil B.

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